As a link between chemical production and the processing industry, the leading chemical producers entrust us with the distribution and the demand-oriented and safe distribution of their products. Our portfolio ranges from acids, alkalis and solvents – to specialty chemicals for a variety of applications.

In addition, we are also happy to take on further services for you, such as contract manufacturing, contract filling or storage & logistics of your products and much more. Learn more about our range of services below and contact us.

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Our comprehensive services – starting with storing, bottling / filling, transporting through the mixing and recycling of chemicals to the qualified application consulting via our own sales force – make sure that you can fully concentrate on your task and therefore an increase in value added for your company.

We offer the following services:

  • Semi or fully automatic filling / bottling of small containers / contract packaging (solids, liquids)
  • Customer-specific mixtures
  • Entry and Exit of dangerous goods and hazardous substances (solids / liquids) incl. value-added services (e.g. labeling, palletizing, incoming / outcoming goods inspection, creation of safety data sheets, taking care of transport logistics etc.)
  • Just-in-time delivery with our own transport fleet
  • inventory management / vendor-managed inventory
  • tank telemetry/tank financing
  • taking back the empty returnable packaging
  • personal consultation in the areas of dosage technology, hazardous substances law, REACH, and biocides regulation
  • recycling and disposal of junk goods
  • single sourcing / international resourcing of raw materials
  • laboratory and product development services

Development and Production

The business area production – development covers a lot of processes which customers nowadays expect from their distributors.


The development of formulas for liquid and powder mixtures of all kinds of inorganic and organic raw materials; grinding / sifting of solids, filtration of liquid substances


The assembly of liquid and powder mixtures of all kinds of inorganic and organic raw materials based on customers’ wishes (private label)

Contract Manufacturing

Part of our service is the filling / bottling and storage of inorganic and organic liquids and solids from tank, IBC, drums through small drums of 1 kg/ltr as well as silo-lorries, big-bags to 200 gr bags.


Are you looking for a logistics partner for your hazardous substances?

We are the perfect match!
we can offer you the following individual solutions and services:

  • Storage of dangerous goods and hazardous substances (solids, liquids)
  • Value-added Service (e.g. labeling, incoming and outcoming goods inspection,
  • Preparation of safety data sheets, etc.)
  • Dangerous goods experts on-site
  • Contract packaging
  • Taking care of transport

Let us know your requirements! We look forward to supporting your logistics in a tailor-made way!